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As I look up at the moon

you’re going about your day under the warmth of the sun

the lonely crescent hanging still in the night heavens

As I look up at the moon

reflecting upon the light of the sun

but seperated by the distance of the world

like me to you.



you are the moon

and I a lone wolf.

I spend my days in search of you

and my nights gazing upon with howls.

Some nights you wax; some nights you wane

but never do you stay the same place

and once in a while you reveal your true face

but you hang in the night heavens; too far away.

For a wolf knows not how he can get closer to the moon,

he only knows that you come close then fade away. Too soon, too soon.

You leave before I’d fully admired your brilliance.

You leave and once more I’m alone, but I remain resilient.

You leave and there’s nothing I can do to stop it.

Oh! how I wish to be a wolf on a rocket.

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